A Weekend of Camo

This past Saturday was Armed Forces Day, and many teams brought out camo to honor those brave men and women. As you can see, the White Sox wore their camo hat, and surprised everyone by adding matching camo names and numbers. In the same game, the Angels did the same thing. The Pirates wore full camo jerseys on Friday and Saturday, and handed out a AJ Burnett bobblehead wearing the camo jerseys on Saturday.

Inside Report: This weekend the Cardinals handed out sweet socks to fans. I love promotions that hand out stuff you actually would be excited to receive…David Beckham announced his retirement this weekend, and Adidas released a special cleat with his kid’s names on them to commemorate his last game…On Friday night, the White Sox and Angels had a pregame “Milk-off“, and one player from each team milked a cow. Apparently, it’s a tradition of sorts. Pretty funny and pretty weird at the same time. While covering the milking, the White Sox TV crew dug up a picture of Hawk Harrelson on a donkey…The Bobcats have started their switch to the Hornets…Conan had a hilarious sketch poking fun at the awful wardrobe of NBA players… Memphis ha started a vote for their new uniforms, and they are both pretty awful…The second round of the Big Ten helmet bracket is underway…Michigan is apparently not going to wear any alternate uniforms next season…The jerseys for the MLB All-Star game were released this weekend. Here’s the National League and here’s the American League…Oregon baseball debuted special uniforms for the remainder of the season. I really like the helmet, but the uniforms aren’t my favorite…The Padres wore their sweet throwbacks on Friday. They made me happy with the matching helmets…A few things from Sully, Wisconsin released a photo of a hat for next year, and it’s pretty throwback. It should be interesting who actually wears them…Bishop Kelly high school in Idaho is wearing some sweet stirrups.


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